The institutions of the Institute of Shipping Economics and Logistics are the management board, the board of trustees and the scientific advisory board.


ISL Gremien

Board of Trustees

The board of trustees consists of honorary representatives of the maritime economy and labour unions, representatives of the free hanseatic city of Bremen, representatives of the universities of the free hanseatic city of Bremen and experts from national and local authorities as well as representatives of the public life. Furthermore, the chairman of the scientific advisory board is also member of the board of trustees. The chairman of the board of trustees is a representative of the senate of education and science of Bremen.

The board of trustees takes decisions about general and financial affairs by regarding the proposals of the board of directors and the statements of the scientific advisory board. The board of trustees supervises the affairs in regard to legality and economic expediency.

Activities are among other things decisions regarding changes and amendments to the Statute of the Foundation, the adoption of the marketing plan and annual financial statements, the appointment of the Board, the Standing Orders of the institutions, general tasks and principles for the organization of the Institute and co-operation agreements. Furthermore, the Board of Directors shall be submitted to the annual report on the activities of the ISL in the previous year and the planning for the following year.


Scientific Advisory Board

The Scientific Advisory Board consists of up to twelve members who belong to the universities, other research institutes and the research areas of the ISL. The members are appointed by the Board of Trustees on the recommendation of the Executive Board for five years, the presidency is an elected representative of the board. The meetings of the Advisory Board may attend the Executive Board, the Chairman of the Board of Trustees and invited guests.

The Scientific Advisory Board advises the Board of Trustees and the Executive Board of the ISL voluntarily in the areas of research and development. It supports the Institute's cooperation with other scientific institutions at home and abroad, working in the area of this Foundation. In addition, the Scientific Advisory Board supports the academic work of the ISL and gives recommendations to the Board of Trustees and the Executive Board.