1954 to 2014 - 60 years Institute of Shipping Economics and Logistics

ISL Wappen von 1954

The ISL was established on March, 30th 1954, founded as the Institute of Shipping Research in the legal form of an non-profit private foundation, with the purpose to carry out scientific research and to promote shipping. It is emerged from the Foundation for the Promotion of the Establishment of an International University in Bremen, which was established in June 1948 by the Senate of the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen. This year, the Institute of Shipping Economics and Logistics, or briefly ISL, celebrates its sixty-year anniversary.




Establishment of the Institute of Shipping Research as an non-profit private foundation by the Senate of the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen. As specified in its statutes, the purpose is to carry out scientific research and to promote shipping. First director is Dr. Gustav Adolf Theel, First Executive Board is Dr. Ehrenfried Schütte. The Advisory Board consists primarily of members of the Senate, and later of representatives of other institutions and the port industry. The supervisory authority is the Bremen Senator for Ports, Shipping and Transport. First domicile of the new foundation is the Schüsselkorb in downtown Bremen, later the Osterdeich on Weser River shore. The extensive shipping library introduced by Theel is still a significant feature of the institute.

Erster Direktor 1954 bis 1971 und Mitbegründer des Instituts für Schiffahrtsforschung, Dr. Gustav Adolf Theel.


First edition of the "Shipping Statistics and Market Review", which is published to date regularly.


First edition of the "Shipping Statistics Yearbook", based on the "Bremen Yearbook of World Shipping" from 1953 and 1955 and also being published to date regularly.

Bremer Jahrbuch Weltschiffahrt 1952/53


New location for the institute in the Holler Allee near the Bremen Citizens’ Park.

Altbremer Villa in der Holler Allee, in der die Stiftung von 1960 bis 1978 seinen Sitz hatte. Im Vordergrund ist die Fahne mit dem Wappen des Instituts zu erkennen.


Facing the changing tasks in the maritime sector, the name is changed in accordance with the statutes to Institute of Shipping Economics. The original statutory mission of the foundation, which is "to carry out scientific research and to promote shipping“, is now interpreted as "shipping economic scientific research". The institute is now associated with the Senator for Education, Science and Art.


Dr. Hans Ludwig Beth follows Theel as the new director of the institute.

Zweiter Direktor des Instituts 1971 bis 1984, Dr. Hans Ludwig Beth.


New location for the institute in the Werderstrasse in Bremen-Neustadt.


Establishment of the Sponsoring Body foundation Institute of Shipping Economics by well-known representatives of German shipping companies. The members support scientific research of the Institute both in ideological and in material terms. New location for the institute in the Boersenhof next to the Domshof Bremen.


With regard to the extension of general transport the tasks at the beginning of the eighties cannot be limited to maritime shipping. Economic development requires the involvement of hinterland traffic, capturing the entire transport chain. Therefore the inclusion of logistics systems and information logistics approaches. Accordingly, the institute’s name is changed to Institute of Shipping Economics and Shipping Logistics in the statutes of the foundation. The areas of "logistics" and "systems analysis" are added to the activities of the institute.


Insertion of a new statute and change of name to Institute of Shipping Economics and Logistics. As committees the Directorate in place of a single director and the Board of Trustees in place of the Executive Board are set up. There is a first division into three departments; each is headed by a director, who is also a professor at the University of Bremen or at one of the universities of applied sciences in Bremen.

Das Direktorium des ISL im Jahr 1988 - Prof. Dr. Volker Speidel, Prof. Dr. Rolf W. Stuchtey und Prof. Dr. Manfred Zachcial (v.l.n.r).


Establishment of the new Scientific Advisory Board in place of the original Advisory Board, whose duties now largely takes over the Board of Trustees. It consists of representatives of science and practice and advises the ISL in the fields of research and development. Furthermore the Scientific Advisory Board contributes significantly to the formulation of objectives and development strategies for the Institute. New location for the ISL in the Universitaetsallee near the University of Bremen.


As part of the constant changes and developments in the maritime markets, the three departments are now "Business Administration", "Transport" and "Telematics".


Establishment of the second office in Bremerhaven in the Stresemannstrasse.


As part of the site expansion in Bremerhaven, the office becomes the fourth department of the ISL. The four areas are now called "Logistic Systems", "Maritime Economics and Transport", "Information Logistics" and "Planning and Simulation Systems”.

Bürgermeister Dr. Henning Scherf zum Neujahrsempfang 2003 des ISL


ISL celebrates its fifty-year anniversary with a Senate Reception at Bremen Townhall and a workshop at the Congress Centre Bremen. Patron is Mayor Dr. Henning Scherf


The publications of the ISL are available to subscribers online for the first time. Focusing the wide range of tasks of the ISL onto the core "Maritime Logistics".


New location for the institute’s office in Bremerhaven in the t.i.m.e.Port II in the Barkhausenstrasse.


Bundling of ISL’s IT-related research and development activities in Bremen and Bremerhaven in the adjusted department Information Logistics. At the location in Bremerhaven the new competence areas "Auto-ID and Security in Container Transport" and "Optimization and Simulation" are established. ISL departments are now “Logistics Systems”, “Maritime Economics and Transport” and “Information Logistics”.

Bündelung der IT-bezogenen Forschungs-und Entwicklungsaktivitäten des ISL an den Standorten Bremen und Bremerhaven in der erweiterten Abteilung Informationslogistik


New location for the ISL in Bremen within the Universitätsallee. The library still remains in the facilities of the University in GW1. Organization of the first ISL Maritime Conference in the tradition of the previous Liner Shipping Conferences in Bremen World Trade Center. In future, the conference is held every two years.

Neuer Standort für das ISL in der Bremer Universitätsallee


Establishment of the ISL Applications GmbH to support knowledge transfer between research and economy.