Maritime Security

Increased demands on security and resilience are a challenge for the transport industry. ISL has been cooperating with its partners throughout the world for more than ten years in order to develop concepts and solutions for the reduction of risks of regional and global supply chains.

Supply Chain Visibility

Transparency is a basic demand when addressing monitoring and control of international intermodal container chains from the view of logistics and security. In order to manage globally increasing transport volumes, a sophisticated flow of information is necessary besides the flow of goods. ISL has considerable experience in these areas from various research projects carried out in close cooperation with well-known partners from the field of goods transport.

Supply Chain Risk Management and Vulnerability Analysis

Organisators of international supply chains are increasingly facing critical risks like criminal activities such as cargo theft, smuggling and terrorism, but also operational risks, natural hazards and cyber risks. ISL provides support for transport operators in these areas based on its profound knowledge in risk management and vulnerability analysis.

Laws, Regulations and Mitigation Measures

ISL has in-depth knowledge about laws and regulations as well as sophisticated contacts to many partners among authorities and policy. Based on its know-how with respect to business processes and technical solutions in the fields of Maritime Security and satellite-based services, ISL contributes to the development of practical solutions for the optimization of supply chain security.

Economic Analyses

Based on its profound expertise in economic questions, ISL develops substanciated analyses and cost-benefit calculations with respect to risks and mitigation measures on microeconomic and macroeconomic level.

Cooperation and memberships:

Member of the Association for Automatic Identification and Mobility (AIM Global)

The German branch of AIM Global, AIM Germany, promotes the application of automatic data collection and product identification and endeavors worldwide by their standardization. The aim is to facilitate communication between users and interested member companies and universities and research institutes to accelerate the uptake of automatic identification technologies.

Member of the RACE Network RFID in Europe

RACE Network RFID is a European Union project which has been established to position the EU as a world leader in RFID excellence. RFID will increasingly influence the way people work and live and will bring great business opportunities and social benefits. It is therefore essential that Europe plays a leading role in shaping future developments. The vision of RACE Network RFID is to provide a network of excellence that creates opportunities and increases the competitiveness of European Member States in the area of RFID thought leadership development and implementation

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