ISL InfoCenter / Library

The ISL InfoCenter is the leading institution in Europe for information and documentation in maritime economics and logistics. It offers professional services about industries, markets and companies within the knowledge areas:

  • Shipping, shipbuilding and ports
  • Transport and logistics
  • Economic and trade

The ISL Library, which exists since 1954, is one of the biggest libraries in the area of maritime economics and logistics with a total stock of about 129,000 books (January 2018), of which are 32,000 monographs and 32,500 annual publications. A quarterly list of new acquisitions is created, documenting the growth of the ISL Library. Furthermore 180 professional Journals are kept regularly. In addition, digital publications within the creation of an eLibrary play an increasingly important role.

The ISL Library is open to the public and the use is free of charge. A reading room, online working spaces and a copier are available.