ISL SEABASE Online Catalog

ISL SEABASE functions both as a catalog of the ISL Library as well as a literature database. The catalog represents round about 128,000 bibliographic records (January 2018) of the ISL Library and is an important knowledge source for maritime industry as well as research and education. ISL SEABASE research offers a systematic access to current maritime and logistic knowledge.

All new entries of the ISL Library are bibliographical recorded and made available as regards content. Besides reference books also market studies, research and conference reports, economy statistics as well as business and annual reports are included. Contributions from about 180 national and international professional journals are evaluated selectively after relevance. Digital documents are included as a full text under consideration of the copyrights. ISL SEABASE increases by about 1,500 bibliographic records each year.

The literature evaluation and enquiry is based on the thesaurus "Seeverkehrswirtschaft und Logistik" developed by ISL. The older parts of our library - publications and newspaper articles that have been collected before 1984 - can be searched via a card catalog on site.