ISL Shipping Statistics Yearbook (SSYB)

The Shipping Statistics Yearbook supplements the statistical market data published in "ISL Shipping Statistics and Market Review" (SSMR). The yearbook is recognized worldwide as a standard statistical work for the maritime sector and has been created and designed by ISL experts especially to cover the information needs of shipping companies, shipyards, port operators, brokers, banks, consulting companies, and research establishments. Since it offers plenty of information in a compact and concise form, the yearbook is not only a statistical work of reference for a large amount of interesting data on transport and related industries, but it is also a valuable market analysis instrument. The data not only stem from the institute's own data bases but are also collected from a variety of sources worldwide.

„The research and publication work of ISEMAR - observatory of the maritime economy with nation-wide importance in France - is inconceivable without the indispensable ISL Yearbook.“

Paul Tourret, Directeur, Institut Supérieur d'Economie Maritime (ISEMAR)

The focal topic areas of the yearbook are:

Shipping Market

  • In-depth analyses of the world merchant fleet
  • Data on world seaborne trade and relevant information on the development of world trade
  • Detailed overviews of about 30 world commodity markets
  • Time series tracing the development of freight rates
  • Individual profiles on selected shipping nations


  • Analysis of the world shipbuilding market
  • Information on the current situation of major shipbuilding countries
  • Market analysis according to ship types

Ports and Sea Canals

  • Statistical surveys on ship and goods traffic in selected ports worldwide with a special focus on container traffic
  • Transit traffic volume on the world's major ship canals
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ISL Shipping Statistics Yearbook (SSYB)

ISSN 0721-3220

ISL Shipping Statistics and Market Review (SSMR)

Each issue of the SSMR analyses a different market segment or aspect of seaborne traffic and trade. The special feature topics of each issue are:

  • issue 1/2: World Merchant Fleet
  • issue 3: World Tanker Market
  • issue 4: World Bulk Carrier Market
  • issue 5/6: World Container Shipping
  • issue 7: World General Cargo and Ro-Ro Shipping
  • issue 8: World Passenger and Cruise Shipping
  • issue 9/10: World Shipbuilding and Shipbuilders
  • issue 11: Major Shipping Nations
  • issue 12: World Seaborne Trade and World Port Traffic

This English language publication comprises the following sections:

Market Review

Monthly brief information bulletins on major supply and demand indicators in the sectors of shipping and shipbuilding. This includes: Economic indicators, World merchant fleet, Freight and charter market, Shipping prices and costs, World shipbuilding, World port traffic. We differentiate between 28 separate indicators which reflect relevant market developments on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Statistical Topics

Continuous statistical evaluations of the shipping and shipbuilding markets, information on the development of seaborne trade and freight rates, data on major seaports of the world, as well as on shipping and goods traffic on sea canals and detailed statistical analyses of individual markets.

Market Comment

Expert comment on the most recent Ddevelopments of in the individual markets; special feature topics are analysed in the special feature topic.

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ISL Shipping Statistics and Market Review (SSMR)

ISSN 0947-0220

ISL Monthly Container Port Monitor (MCPM)

The ISL Monthly Container Port Monitor (MCPM) is the ideal tool for keeping track of the most recent container traffic developments. It allows ports and liner operators to benchmark their performance against the latest regional and global trends.

The MCPM is based on approx. 83 major world container ports handling more than half of total world container traffic. It includes:

  • Container traffic growth compared to previous month and compared to same month last year per range*
  • Quarterly traffic in TEU per port**

The MCPM is available online in MS Excel format, updated once per month. Time lags and coverage depend on our data providers and may be subject to change.

* Ranges covered are:

  • North America East Coast
  • North America West Coast
  • Central & South America
  • China
  • Japan/South Korea/Taiwan
  • Southeast Asia
  • Middle East
  • North Sea
  • Baltic Sea
  • South Europe

** Ports currently covered are:

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Aden (Yemen) Haifa (Israel) New York/New Jersey (USA)
Alexandria/El Dekheila (Egypt) Hamburg (Germany) Ngqura (South Africa)
Algeciras - La Linea (Spain) Helsinki (Finland) Nhava Sheva (India)
Ambarli (Turkey) Hong Kong (China) Ningbo (China)
Antwerp (Belgium) Houston (USA) Oakland (USA)
Ashdod (Israel) Inchon (South Korea) Osaka (Japan)
Balboa (Panama) Itajai (Brazil) Paranagua (Brazil)
Bangkok (Thailand) Jeddah (Saudi Arabia) Port of Virginia (USA)
Barcelona (Spain) Kaohsiung (Taiwan) Qingdao (China)
Beirut (Lebanon) Keelung (Taiwan) Rotterdam (Netherlands)
Bremen/Bremerhaven (Germany) Kingston (Jamaica) San Antonio (Chile)
Brisbane (Australia) Klaipeda (Lithuania) Santos (Brazil)
Buenaventura (Colombia) Kobe (Japan) Savannah (USA)
Buenos Aires (Argentina) Kotka (Finland) Shanghai (China)
Busan (South Korea) Kwangyang (South Korea) Shenzhen (China)
Callao (Peru) Laem Chabang (Thailand) Singapore (Singapore)
Cape Town (South Africa) Lazaro Cardenas (Mexico) St. Petersburg (Russia)
Casablanca (Morocco) Le Havre (France) Sydney (Australia)
Charleston (USA) Lisbon (Portugal) Tacoma/Seattle (USA)
Chennai (India) Long Beach (USA) Taichung (Taiwan)
Colombo (Sri Lanka) Los Angeles (USA) Tallinn (Estonia)
Dammam (Saudi Arabia) Manzanillo (Mexico) Tianjin (China)
Dublin (Ireland) Manzanillo (Panama) Tokyo (Japan)
Durban (South Africa) Marseilles (France) Valencia (Spain)
Gdansk (Poland) Melbourne (Australia) Valparaiso (Chile)
Genoa (Italy) Mersin (Turkey) Vancouver (Canada)
Gioia Tauro (Italy) Montevideo (Uruguay) Veracruz (Mexico)
Guangzhou (China) Montreal (Canada) Xiamen (China)
Guayaquil (Ecuador) Nagoya (Japan) Yokohama (Japan)
Zeebrugge (Belgium)
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ISL Monthly Container Port Monitor (MCPM)

Series "Maritime Logistics"

The series Maritime Logistics appears by Peter Lang Publishing and is edited by the Board of Directors of the ISL. It is published partly in German, partly in English language. The aim of the series is to address issues and developments in various fields of maritime logistics and to discuss current trends and perspectives. This means not only the classic maritime sectors such as shipping, ports, shipbuilding or transportation policy, but also includes the consideration of many other players in the global transport chains that are involved directly or indirectly to the logistics processes within the maritime industry.

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Series "Maritime Logistics"