African ports back on track after short period of decline in mid-2019

The latest throughput figures in containerized cargo show that the African ports on both, the north and the south, side of the continent show signs of a recovery after experiencing a decline in their numbers of handled TEUs in the beginning of the year 2019. While the decline was quite moderate in the three Northern African ports (Tanger and Casablanca in Morocco and Alexandria in Egypt), the 6-months average throughput of the respective ports in the south (Durban, Capetown and Ngqura) dropped to the lowest level since almost two years. From June 2019, the ports in both trade lanes were able to raise their throughput level again. It must also be considered, that the levels maintained at the closing of 2018 represented all-time highs. At this point South African ports averaged 394,000 TEUs in handling over six months, while the respective ports in North Africa did 541,000 TEU. The latest monthly figures point to a recovery, especially in the North African ports. Hence, a return to the initial level in throughput seems possible at the beginning of 2020.

African ports back on track after short period of decline in mid-2019 © ISL MCPM 2019 based on Port statistics

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