C-BORD boosts Container Inspection – successful completion of the H2020 project in November


Freight containers are potential means for smuggling, drug trafficking, and transport of dangerous or illicit substances. To minimize these risks, while avoiding delays in the handling of containers, non-invasive inspection (NII) methods e.g. X-ray scans are used. However, current NII technologies can not handle all threats. Within the C-BORD project, new NII technologies have been successfully developed by researching innovative NII methods like Next Generation Cargo X-Ray, Tagged Neutron Inspection, Photo-Fission Analyses, and Evaporation Based Detection, which will considerably improve container inspection at EU sea and land borders.

ISL accompanied the C-BORD project as a member of the C-BORD Advisory Group by contributing its extensive know-how in the area of Supply Chain Security. More information on C-BORD is available on www.cbord-h2020.eu.