European Container Traffic Model is being updated to 2021

There will be another full-fledged update of ISL’s European Container Traffic Model (ECTM) to the year 2021. Due to an increasing demand for European hinterland and transhipment data, it is the fifth annual update in a row since 2017.
The annual updates increase the analytical potential of the data, such as the analysis of market share shifts in particular regions” reports Sönke Maatsch, Head of Maritime Markets at ISL.
For the first time, ECTM data will also be used in the traffic flow matrix of the German transport ministry’s “Traffic Forecast 2040”, and is thus contributing to targeted investments in the German transport infrastructure.

In order to establish the largest possible sample for the estimates and validity checks, ISL is currently contacting liner operators, forwarders, seaports, inland ports and intermodal terminals. In return, participants receive data on their market environment. Companies interested to participate can contact Sönke Maatsch and Thorsten Friedrich.
The update is expected to be completed in September.