ISL presents current status of Green Shipping & Green Ports at DIHK-working group


As part of a conference of the working group for maritime transport, ports and maritime environmental protection of the DIHK on June 12, 2019 in the Bremen Chamber of Commerce the ISL in a presentation informed on the current situation regarding Green Shipping & Green Ports. In a presentation, Mr. Hübscher from the ISL informed the working group about the current situation regarding the equipment of the merchant fleet with environmentally relevant technologies. Here, the equipment of the fleet, as well as the known orderbook in the areas of exhaust aftertreatment with scrubbers and SCR catalysts and the equipment numbers in the fleet segments with LNG engines were in detail demonstrated. In addition, the existing LNG infrastructure in Europe and the availability of bunker ships were discussed. The measures taken so far to reduce climate-damaging emissions and the availability of zero-emission shipping by 2050 have been critically examined.

ISL presents current status of Green Shipping & Green Ports at DIHK-working group © Handelskammer Bremen - IHK für Bremen und Bremerhaven

In addition to the more technical equipment aspects of the fleet, the various maritime Environmental Awards of e.g. the Blue Angel, Clean Shipping Index, Green Award and Environmental Shipping Index were empirically demonstrated with regard to the participating players on the basis of the number of cases, the contents and the discounting of harbor dues. In the Green Ports area, the focus was on activities in line with the sustainability reports published by the European ports, the level of participation in ISO-certified environmental management systems and the equipment provided by Port Reception Facilities.