ISL-study on hydrogen demand and PtX energy carriers in the maritime industry

The German Maritime Centre presented the study “The role of the maritime community in establishing a German hydrogen economy” during an online event with around 100 participants. The study, which was developed by ISL, assesses the requirements for hydrogen and Power-to-X (PtX) energy carriers in the maritime industry in Germany up to the year 2050 - from production to storage and transport to the consumer. It offers a broad overview of the current status of various hydrogen technologies and considers all maritime sub-sectors.

Among other things, the study analyzes  the national hydrogen strategy of the German Federal Government as well as the strategies of the northern German Federal States and the European Union. Framework conditions and developments of hydrogen and PtX technologies are considered and needs, capacities and key figures for the use of the products with their process chains are holistically presented in various scenarios. Application projects and research are divided into the areas of production as well as transport, handling, storage and the application of energy sources. The focus is on the aspects “Maritime Industry as Consumers” and “Maritime Industry for Logistics”. (Source: PR DMZ, 11.10.21)