ISL at the "Hydrogen Technology Conference & Expo 2022" in Bremen

On 19th and 20th October, the "Hydrogen Technology Expo Europe" took place in Bremen. 

The leading fair for hydrogen and the parallel conference bring together stakeholders and companies along the entire hydrogen value chain. The event is an important European platform for the presentation and discussion of current developments, advanced technologies and innovations in the fields of production, transport and application of hydrogen in different contexts.

ISL participated in the fair as part of the Bremen joint stand thematising the topic of "Hydrogen in Ports and Maritime Sector".

The international environment encouraged to exchange ideas with various exhibitors. In many conversations Dr. Nils Meyer-Larsen and Jakob Ovens presented ISL's activities and discussed approaches in the field of hydrogen and PtX energy carriers, which resulted in various approaches for cooperations in these innovative and promising areas. Furthermore, ISL was represented at two workshops discussing possible cooperations between Bremen, Groningen (Netherlands) and Norway, which took place on the occasion of the Hydrogen Technology Expo. Here, too, exciting approaches for future activities in the field of hydrogen emerged.