Market participants in container shipping are still under considerable pressure.

The freight rates, which were up to 30 % lower than in June 2018, as well as the monthly turnover results of the leading container ports recorded by ISL do not indicate any signs of relief at this stage.

Idle container fleet 2014 – 2019 (biweekly)
Beschäftigungslose Kapazitäten in der Containerschifffahrt © ISL, based on Alphaliner

With regard to charter rates, large units of over 9,000 TEU form an exception. This segment also recorded relatively good capacity utilisation. In general, the low number of unemployed container ships is a first sign of a (seasonal) recovery, according to the industry-related data and research service Alphaliner. The transport capacity of the container ships not in service totals about 350,000 TEU, which corresponds to the level of the previous year and represents about 1.5 % of the global container ship fleet.

The ISL SSMR 2019-5-6 sheds light on various developments around the container and general cargo shipping markets and can be obtained via the ISL Webshop.