MARSAT awarded by the German Space Agency

The National German Copernicus Forum took place in Berlin from 13 to 14 March 2017 and hosted several hundred participants from authorities and enterprises in Germany. The MARSAT project was presented within the maritime session and attracted significant interest on the integrated services marine industries. Moreover, the MARSAT team was awarded by the German Space Agency for the best Copernicus Poster presentation, and won valuable space book and the exquisit honey farmed in the space agencies garden - a delicious rarity. Dr. Thomas Heege, CEO EOMAP und Dr. Lasse Rabenstein, Co-founder of Drift & Noise had the pleasure to receive the prizes.

(from left to right) Dr. Lasse Rabenstein (Co-Founder Drift & Noise), Dr. Thomas Heege (CEO EOMAP), MR Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hans Moser (BMVI) Copyright: Dirk Michael Deckbar
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