Semi-annual results offer a mixed picture

In the current issue of the Monthly Container Port Monitor, a review of the half-year results shows that the global economic slowdown is also having an impact on container throughput.

Nearly all the countries/regions under consideration are recording a decline in growth of handling. In particular, the ports located in the export-oriented countries in Northeast Asia, as well as their partners on the other side of the Pacific, have to accept a sharp decline in their results, some of which were already unsatisfactory in 2018. Particularly noteworthy in this context is the development of the Japanese ports, whose negative growth slowed down, but which also have to cope with a decline in cargo handling in 2019.

The ports on the North American Atlantic coast and the ports in the North Range were able to slightly exceed their growth of the previous year.

A considerable decline in container handling was recorded in particular for the ports in the Middle East, North and South Africa, Central America and South America. In particular, the ports in the western part of Asia and Central America (particularly Mexico and Panama), where half-year results fell by 5.9 % and 9 % respectively, have to cope with sharp declines in growth. This and other instructive information on various regions and individual ports can be found in our Monthly Container Port Monitor, which is available via our web shop.