Project duration
10.2006 - 03.2009
Projekt order
6. Rahmenprogramm der EU-Kommission

Container Handling in Intermodal Nodes - Optimal and Secure!

Container terminal and transport operators are currently facing several challenges like increasing cargo volumes and security demands that put additional burden on them. CHINOS supports operators to exploit these challenges, the related changes in business processes and the opportunities for process automation in the best possible way by employing innovative IT technology solutions like RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) and automatic damage documentation.

Several processes in terminals can be optimised and accelerated tremendously by using automatic identification and condition checks with contact free reading possibilities (container RFID tags, optical checks) without requiring human intervention. Furthermore, container security can be enhanced using RFID technology (electronic seals). CHINOS will put a special focus on the integration of these new technologies into the terminals' business processes and the demonstration of its success at several European locations. Successful tests with the developed system components of container auto-ID and container damage documentation were performed in terminals in Bremerhaven, Thessaloniki, Graz and Warsaw. To disseminate the project results a film was produced, which is available on the project website.