Developing a New Harbour Basin in “Port Ouest”: Socio-economic Evaluation - CAP 2020

In cooperation with the French partner Systra, a socio-economic evaluation of various alternatives for the development of the western port area (“Port Ouest”) of the port of Dunkerque was conducted. The role of ISL was hereby to provide a detailed analysis of the container traffic flows through competitive ports during 2013 (hinterland transport according to NUTS@ regions). This was based on the data stemming from ISL’s North European Container Traffic Model, as well as an evaluation of the competitiveness of the port of Dunkerque within the Northrange. In addition to an analysis of the cost-based competitive ability, which used the results of a study recently completed by MLTC and ISL for the French Ministry of Transport, other aspects were also considered, such as the seaside and land-side accessibility, the engagement of shipping lines, and productivity indicators.