The project eKnow IT will contribute to the transparency of both the opportunities and the difficulties faced by projects regarding the shift of transport towards railways, inland waterways or short sea services, thus allowing existing experience to be used for future transfer projects. The target group includes institutions that train and educate future decision makers in logistics, in particular universi-ties, technical colleges, and institutes for further training.

To this end, six case studies will be identified from a pool of so-called best practices and analysed in detail. Within these case studies, for example, starting situations, cost comparisons, existing prob-lems, and the roles and influences of participants will be investigated, in order to convey a precise understanding regarding the process, the success, or even the failure of individual case studies to the target groups.

These case studies will include approaches to the shift of transport towards railways, inland water-ways and Short Sea Shipping, in order to present examples of the opportunities provided by each individual mode of transport within the scope of a sustainable European transport system.

In order to achieve the most efficient use of the results, an e-Learning system will be developed with-in the framework of the project that will offer opportunities in game theory, such as feedback from decisions or effects of use, in order to provide incentives for the enhanced usage of alternative transport modes.

Study groups who wish to participate in the project can take part in remote forums, allowing them to gain access to the lesson documents and discussion forums. The project will conclude in May 2016.