Freight Village Kaluga

Project duration
10.2012 - 04.2013
Projekt order
Freight Village Kaluga Entwicklungsgesellschaft

The project “FV Kaluga” of the „Deutsche GVZ-Gesellschaft mbH“, which started in October 2012, is concerned with the evaluation of existing freight village master planning and its conceptual advancement. The development of the intermodal connection and its potential terminal designs are focused on as well as questions about the “FV-management”.

In connection with this the “DGG” developed a balanced score card. This system contributes to aim attainment and check of location growth. It should also be used as a management tool.

The “Freight Village Kaluga” ( is part of the industrial park “Vorsino” located in the west of Moscow. With over 1,700 hectares it belongs to the largest industrial agglomerations in Russia. The distance to muscovite beltway amounts to only 60 kilometers. It is aimed to develop the Freight Village Kaluga into the central Hub for Combined Transport in the complete region. At present, the logistics center already has a direct track connection to the main way Moscow-Kiev.

Customer of the project is the “Freight Village Kaluga Entwicklungsgesellschaft”, it is on going until April 2013.

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