Project duration
01.2012 - 12.2012
Projekt order
European Space Agency (ESA)

Satellite-based Optimisation of Intermodal Freight Transport through European Ports

In order to optimize intermodal container transportation through European ports, the project I-PORT, funded by the European Space Agency (ESA), specifies corresponding services and evaluates its feasibility and sustainability. In this context, one of the major challenges is the alignment in planning the arrival and departure of different modalities in such a way, the containers can be transferred without delays. To support this, an integrated solution, utilizing the added value of space assets will be defined, based on the elaboration of user needs as well as existing technologies and services. In order to meet the stakeholder’s expectations, achieve optimal benefits for the transport industry, arrive at a conclusion regarding feasibility and viability and establish a roadmap towards a sustainable service, the proposed solution will be evaluated for technical, economical and non economical aspects.

Thus, the objective of I-PORT is to identify and evaluate sustainable operational solutions based on satellite-based and related services in order to support optimization of freight transport in European ports in terms of technical feasibility and commercial viability. The users which could benefit from optimizing intermodal freight transport include e.g. ports, hauliers, shipping lines, railway operators, inland waterways or storage facilities. Stakeholders include e.g. (local) authorities, Customs, communication service providers or road and water authorities.