LC Prilesie Minsk

Project duration
08.2007 - 05.2009
Projekt order
Kayson Company, Iran

In connection with the construction of a logistics center on the edge of the Belarusian capital Minsk, the Institute of Shipping Economics and Logistics was assigned to investigate a feasibility study and analysis of potential needs for additional storage space and logistical services as well as to identify potential users. This includes the need of services for the combined transport. Furthermore, it had to be examined, how far the transit traffic generates a demand for transit services in an economic scale. Finally, a master plan has been developed for this area based on the feasibility study and potential analysis. An implementation plan for a first design of land use was developed.

In March 2009 the proposed Prilesie Logistic Center was presented to the public. In the presence of the Vice President of the Republic of Belarus and the Governor of the Minsk region, the project was presented to approximately 400 press representatives. In this context, the ISL presented the main points of its study and showed a film, which has been commissioned for this project.

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