Project duration
11.2012 - 04.2015
Projekt order
7. Rahmenprogramm der EU-Kommission

The Coordination Action LOGINN aims at coordinating and supporting RTD projects in the logistics area to improve their capabilities to bridge the gap between pilot implementation and marketable solutions.


To achieve this goal LOGINN will set up a collaborative platform Logistics Arena to allow the main stakeholders of the logistics domain (industry, SMEs, public authorities, investors and research organizations) to work together on promoting innovative transport logistics solutions aiming at increasing efficiency and with a particular focus on intermodal transport.

Over the past decade, several research initiatives have researched and proposed innovative solutions for transport logistics, but the level of adoption in the transport industry has been low, in particular when comparing with other industry sectors. This is due on one side to the transport industry itself, facing issues like a fragmented market structure, price pressure and a high degree of outsourcing, and on the other to the lack of dissemination to relevant stakeholders that has characterized many innovation projects logistics.

LOGINN will drive innovation adoption in transport logistics by taking a holistic approach that considers several mutually reinforcing aspects of innovation: business models, logistics practices and technologies. This approach will favour the customisation of RTD results towards industrial demand solutions, supporting the development of sustainable business plans for European RTD projects, exploiting synergies between European RTD projects to enable a seamless exchange between RTD projects and logistics stakeholders and finally enabling and supporting the access to Investors.

The main objective of LOGINN is to create a platform to stimulate discussion and consensus-building amongst main public stakeholders, market players and researchers in the intermodal and freight logistics domain in order to facilitate and accelerate the commercial uptake of logistics innovation, by turning knowledge and research into investment in innovation. In order to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of these activities, numerous actions have been defined. Specifically, a mechanism has been set up for extending the group of contributors to the project activities in a simple, but efficient way, in order to achieve a wide audience in the logistics community, reflecting the possibility and interest of potential followers to LOGINN, based on the establishment of the Associated Partners Group (APG). We kindly invite you to join the APG!