Project duration
09.2009 - 08.2011
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7. Rahmenprogramm der EU-Kommission
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Factors like global competition, labour costs, recycling technologies and environmental restrictions force companies to implement new logistics and manufacturing systems. From a transport's point of view most of these new systems (e.g. offshoring) have negative impacts as they induce additional freight transport. But on the other hand they are implemented as they have positive effects like cheaper production processes (e.g. due to economics of scale) or even environmental benefits (e.g. due to recycling). The objectives of this study are:

  • To give an insight into new logistics and manufacturing trends
  • Their impacts on economic and environmental sustainability
  • To provide scenario based recommendations for European freight transport policy considering both economic and environmental sustainability
  • To improve existing tools (TRANSTOOLS, I-O tables) used for impact assessment and cost benefit analysis