Multimodal Disposition Tool for the handling of shipment orders in container traffic for transports by rail, truck, barge and feeder vessel

MODITO is the acronym for a "Multimodal Disposition Tool”. It enables the processing of shipment orders in intermodal container traffic for transports by rail, truck, barge and feeder vessel. The development goal was to create a multi-client system that allows a continuous disposition of containers through all modes of transportation and the complete transport chain of a contract.

For these purposes MODITO not only has a general order management and a billing, but also is equipped with specialized modules for disposition of trains, trucks, barge and feeder vessels. The system is based on a variety of master data, which are identical to most clients of the system. This ensures that the transfer orders can be exchanged between the clients in a simple manner and can be operated common. A comprehensive system for assigning user rights allows the accurate determination of access rights to functions for defined user groups.

MODITO has a variety of interfaces for connecting external partners such as clients, subcontractors, terminals or the customs system Atl@s. Also, the financial accounting can be connected to the system via interfaces.

MODITO uses the client/server technology and combines the power of relational databases to central data servers as well as the computing power of the client computers to a highly scalable modular system. By establishing a secure internet connection, e.g. via VPN, it is possible to activate specific functions of the system for certain external partners or to allow employees to access the application from their home office.