Project duration
01.2006 - 12.2007
Projekt order
Land Bremen, BIS Bremerhaven

Bremen pilot project on the application of RFID in container transport

The PIER project was carried out at Bremerhaven and coordinated by the ISL. Practice partners were North Sea Terminal Bremerhaven (NTB) and Eurogate Technical Services; other project partners were T-Systems and dbh Logistics IT AG. The project was funded by the BIS Bremerhaven from resources of the State of Bremen and the German Telekom.

Aim of the project is a pilot application of transponder technology (RFID) in container terminals. The first step was to equip container with so-called tags which are able to identify the transport boxes. RFID readers have been installed in the terminal at critical points such as the container bridge and the truck gate which. The RFID readers read the stored information of the transponders wirelessly.

The first stage of the project dealt with the definition of the RFID technology to be applied involving the ISO standardisation and a market study. Furthermore, the readout software was developed and the integration of the RFID data into the terminal's business processes was implemented.

In the following trial stage of the project, several testing scenarios will be implemented involving different means of transport like vessel, rail, and truck in order to validate the functionality of the RFID technology. Thus, for example, a test scenario involving a barge was successfully implemented. Several containers equipped with tags were transported to the container terminal in Bremerhaven by a barge and were unloaded there. The container tags were read out by means of a handheld reader prior to loading the containers on the barge and after unloading them at the container terminal.