Project duration
03.2006 - 02.2009
Projekt order
6. Rahmenprogramm der EU-Kommission

Promoting Innovative Intermodal Freight Transport

PROMIT was a coordination project of the European Commission concerning the intermodal transport, which provides a platform for experts to improve intermodal transport technologies and methods. PROMIT pursued this goal using 5 cluster initiatives:


  • Intermodal business models
  • Intermodal technologies
  • Information and communication technologies
  • Intermodal transport handling
  • Security and policy issues related to intermodal transport


PROMIT supported the change to intermodal transport modes through the dissemination of information on innovations as well as best practices in intermodal traffic which focused on the needs and requirements of potential users and policy makers. PROMIT led Cluster workshops and conferences by regular. Results are available as best practice manuals and policy recommendations. In addition, a benchmarking initiative exists to collect and evaluate intermodal indicators.

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