Quality Shipping 2015

Project duration
01.2015 - 12.2015

The aim of the “Quality Shipping 2015” project is the promotion of environmentally friendly shipping. To achieve this goal, an EU initiative undertakes to document all journey stages of all ships greater than 5,000 GT, including all fuel spent and all cargo transported, from 2018. This EU regulation also offers a solid foundation for the internalisation of other costs (infrastructure costs and external costs). With the marine strategy directive and the “Blue Angel” criteria catalogue, there exist additional conditions and criteria for environmentally sound shipping in order to achieve the goal of an eco-friendly sea shipping industry.

To estimate the financial consequences of internalising maritime traffic infrastructure costs, the applicable costs as listed in the federal budget for the years 2010 to 2013 were analysed, as were the shipping movements in German waters, as documented by the Directorate General for the Management of Water and Shipping. ISL uses algorithms developed in-house for calculations of the costs, according to tonnage and engine configuration and subsequently adjusted for ship movements, and the financial effects. These algorithms consider discounts for environmentally friendly shipping. To exclude potential competitive disadvantages we also apply this mechanism to other transport participants.