Project duration
01.2001 - 12.2004
Projekt order
5. Rahmenprogramm der EU-Kommission, Competitive and Sustainable Growth Programme

The project SEAM is a research project funded by the European Commission under the Fifth Framework Programme. It focuses on formulating safety and environmental measures and procedures to mitigate the impact of three key elements of shipping operations on the marine environment: ballast water, anti-fouling paints and air emissions related to the quality of fuel.

The main objectives of the SEAM project are to assess the environmental impact of ballast water management (exchange, mechanical and chemical treatments), use of anti-fouling paints (TBT versus copper/silicon based paintings) and air pollution from ships (with a focus on NOx and its reduction techniques like Selective Catalytic Re­duction (SCR), Direct Water Injection (DWI) und Humid Air Motor (HAM)) as well as to agree on the acceptable risk level of shipping operations with due regard to the requirements of all the interested parties like ship owners, oil com­panies, shippers, ports, port authorities etc. Therefore it is necessary to formulate re­com­men­dations for safety and environmental measures and an economic viability of these measures.


Based on the formal safety and environmental assessment, the methodology of the project is characterized as:

  • Identification of hazards
  • Assessment of risks
  • Risk control options
  • Cost benefit assessment
  • Recommendations for decision-making