Project duration
04.2012 - 03.2015
Project funding
Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Technologie (BMWi)

eBusiness standardization in the maritime supply chain

Facing the national competitiveness in global transportation and the increasing freight volumes, the joint project SMART SC focuses on an improvement of the sustainability of communication structures in port-related transport chains. The aim of the project is to increase the efficiency of the existing logistic processes in the entire container-based value chains of import and export by implementing eBusiness standards. In order to improve the efficiency of the processes such as transport, handling or warehousing, the accompanying information and communication paths should be harmonized and all data and documents should be exchanged efficiently, gaining a minimal error rate between the participating companies in the supply chain. The particular emphasis is put on small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) as well as the involved authorities.

The project goals and priorities are:

  • Improvements for SME
    • Increasing involvement of SME in the planning and monitoring processes along the value chains
    • Simplification for SME with regards to the integration into existing chains and networks


  • Optimization of planning processes along the chains
    • Increasing the reliability of planning processes by improvement of information flows
    • Acceleration and quality improvement of information for importers and exporters leading to a competitive advantage by optimizing internal planning processes


  • Optimization of the inflow control of the container terminals and logistics zones at the example of Wilhelmshaven and Bremerhaven
    • Reduction of bottlenecks in the transhipment nodes through selective control of the arrivals at the scheduled clearance time
    • Avoidance of traffic jams on the access roads to the transhipment nodes of the JadeWeserPort through the provision of more parking space, intelligent traffic control and a better predictability of the amount of handling activities
    • Improving the traffic flow in the environment of the JadeWeserPort to relieve the neighbouring residential and city areas
    • Increasing the efficiency of the terminal handling by early provision of all needed planning principles and the control of a steady inflow and outflow of the truck traffic


  • Improvement of the utilization of loading and transport carriers and the terminal capacity
    • Improvement of the utilization and the reduction of empty runs
    • Reduction of emissions through an intelligent parking management and therefore a reduction of the amount of traffic jams
    • Using the waiting time for clearance as a rest period according to the rules of driving time for truck drivers
    • Development of an innovative cluster environment and promotion of the of maritime logistics cluster of Northwest Germany

Within the SMART SC project, a holistic solution should be designed for the management of electronic communication processes for all participating companies (e.g. forwarding companies, shippers, terminals, trucking companies) and for all administrative institutions (e.g. customs, port authorities) in the container-based supply chains. Therefore, the project consortium plans to develop a so called mediator, which will be tested in terms of practical suitability on the basis of demonstrators.

The joint project "SMART SC - eBusiness standardization in the maritime supply chain" has duration from 01.04.2012 until 31.03.2015 and is sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Economic and Technology (BMWi) under the funding initiative „Standardize business processes, ensuring success”.