Market analysis and forecasts

We observe, analyze and forecast maritime markets in all their facets Maritime Intelligence. On the demand side this concerns primarily sea born trade and transport and hinterland container flows but also for example ship building. On the supply side we observe fleet structures, newbuildings and demolitions, new ship types and new regulations that influence the maritime economy (SECA e.g.) as well as infrastructure projects like constructions of new tunnels or bridges are taken into account. In cooperation with the RWI in Essen we publish the monthly RWI/ISL Container Throughput Index.

For all of this we can refer to extensive data bases and models which are also the base for our statistical publications. With their help we are able to address both, global as well as regional issues - to e.g. analyse and forecast ports specific hinterland traffic including modal split – and offer corresponding consultancy. For such tasks we apply, besides other instruments, our very own North European Container Traffic Model and use our ISL-tool CTS - Cargo Traffic Simulation.