ISL Applications GmbH

The ISL Applications GmbH has been founded in 2010 to complement the research-intensive activity of ISL concerning product business and customizing. Prototype applications developed by the Institute are brought into a product state and marketed. In addition, customized services such as further development and maintenance around the software systems are provided.

The main idea of ISL Applications is the transfer of research results by ISL into practice. As each project also a research intention is mostly temporary. Therefore, there is always the danger that innovative approaches are not integrated into the practical day to day business, as product customization, development and maintenance cannot be guaranteed by the scientists. To close this gap in the logistics industry, ISL Applications offers individual services for newly developed intelligent IT solutions for the implementation and application in maritime logistics companies. This guarantees that results of research projects can be sustainably used by customers.

ISL Application’s flagship is the CHESSCON software for the optimization, simulation and emulation of the processes on a container terminal. CHESSCON is available in different customized variations, like CHESSCON Capacity (planning terminal's capacity), CHESSCON Simulation (planning and optimization of terminal's layout and processes) as well as CHESSCON Virtual Terminal (testing and emulation of TOS - Terminal Operating System). Beside the topics of economy and efficiency, these tools also pick up ecological topics like pollutant emission, noise or energy consumption.

For more than 20 years, ISL has been specializing in optimization and simulation. The systems have been utilized worldwide for optimizing container terminals, harbor planning and analyzing transportation networks. The tools are proven within more than 50 projects worldwide. Terminal optimization using simulation and emulation tools is a known technology for huge terminals. Like chess players terminal operators have to find the best strategies for the terminal operation and have to react on changing demands. They use the tools for strategic and tactical planning as well as for the start-up of new terminal components. They optimize terminal's day-to-day processes by fine-tuning TOS parameters and training the control staff to become "grandmasters" in terminal operation. With the development of the CHESSCON simulation and emulation products, the transition from huge and expensive projects to a product took place. Thus also medium-sized terminals will be able to use these technologies to optimize their operation in future.