European Transport Research comes together in Lisbon

The 9th Transport Research Arena (TRA) took place in Lisbon from 14 to 17 November 2022. The motto "Moving together - reimagining mobility worldwide" attracted well over 2,000 visitors and over 600 exhibitors to Europe's largest research and technology conference on mobility.

In interactive panel discussions as well as thematic strategic and scientific sessions, representatives from science, politics and industry discussed how research and innovation can reshape the transport and mobility system in the quest to decarbonise transport by 2050.

ISL presented itself and the project "Innovation-driven Collaborative European Inland Waterways Transport Network", in short: IW-NET at the Innovation Village of the European logistics platform "ALICE". In addition to the professional exchange with numerous innovative projects and partners, the TRA  offered many opportunities to establish new contacts. In particular, the results and main topics from IW-NET specifically for inland navigation met with great interest.

Save The Date: The next Transport Research Arena will take place from 15 to 18 April 2024 in Dublin, Ireland. ISL will also be represented again with exciting projects and innovative ideas.