ISL wins tender "Maritime added value and employment in Germany"

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At the end of June, the ISL was officially commissioned to draw up a study on "Maritime Value Added and Employment in Germany". The institute will work on this report together with the companies DIW Econ (Berlin), ETR: Economic Trends Research (Hamburg) and the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft e.V. (with the Fraunhofer CML (Hamburg) and the Fraunhofer IML (Dortmund).
The aim of this 18-month project is to provide reliable and comparable information on value added and employment effects in the various sectors of the maritime industry, which can serve as the basis for political discussions and decision-making processes. In order to map developments in a consistent manner and to ensure a continuation into the future, a uniform and scientifically recognized methodology shall be developed and applied. As far as possible, the approach should be based on available official data sources such as national accounts or turnover and employment statistics.
An essential prerequisite for such a methodology is a clear, scientifically sound demarcation of the maritime economy and its sub-sectors. Based on the definitions of the maritime economy, a methodology should be developed which allows the continuation of time series on added value and employment and other indicators, thus making trends visible over time.
The work should start in July 2019 and be finished by the end of 2020.