MariSynFuel project starts in Bremerhaven

LogoOn 13.01.2023, the kick-off meeting of the MariSynFuel project took place in Bremerhaven.
The project focuses on the development of a technology for the production of synthetic methanol as fuel for the shipping industry in Bremerhaven. It is funded by the "Development of Renewable Fuels" programme of the Federal Ministry of Digital Affairs and Transport (BMDV) and coordinated by the Technology Transfer Centre (ttz) Bremerhaven.
In addition to ISL, the project partners include the Alfred Wegener Institute, Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research (AWI) and the companies UTG Unabhängige Tanklogistik GmbH, Green Fuels GmbH as well as the shipping company F. Laeisz. Furthermore, numerous companies and institutions from the region support the project.
The core of the project is the development and construction of a facility for synthetic ("green") methanol production on a demonstration scale in Bremerhaven. The produced fuel will be used directly for the newly built research vessel "Uthörn" from the Alfred Wegener Institute.
The vessel is equipped with two diesel engines converted to burn methanol, was christened in November 2022 and is scheduled to enter service in spring 2023 after final modifications and trials.

The demonstration facility is planned to produce at least 500 kg of synthetic methanol per day. To ensure the operation of the methanol synthesis facility and the distribution of the produced methanol, a supply and distribution concept will be developed as part of the project. Thus, an economic consideration and the preparation of a business plan can also be ensured. In addition, the cost reduction of the production of green methanol is taken intoaccount as well.  
In addition, this project can be seen as a concept for the production and application of other e-fuels, such as e-diesel. At the same time, the science and business location Bremerhaven is strengthened and the decarbonisation in the maritime transport sector is accelerated. All of the involved companies and research institutions are located in Bremerhaven, thus regional potentials can be raised and synergies optimally utilised. There is a general transferability for other port cities with similar application areas and infrastructural conditions.

As a project partner, ISL is contributing its extensive knowledge and experience in the fields of hydrogen and hydrogen-based energy carriers to the project. In particular, it will accompany the development of the required technical and organisational concepts, investigate their transferability to other locations and areas of application, as well as contribute to the economic balancing and public relations work.