Institute of Shipping Economics and Logistics (ISL)

Universitätsallee 11 - 13
28359 Bremen

Tel.: +49/4 21/2 20 96-0
Fax: +49/4 21/2 20 96-55

VatID: DE 114 438 789
Legal form: Independent, private non-profit foundations

Competent supervisory authority

Senator für Inneres (legal supervision)
Senatorin für Wissenschaft und Häfen (subject-specific supervision)

Authorized to represent the Institute

Prof. Dr. Burkhard Lemper
Prof. Dr. Frank Arendt

Editorial staff

Prof. Dr. Burkhard Lemper
for projects the related project manager


Institut für Seeverkehrswirtschaft und Logistik (ISL)

Terms and conditions

The legal framework conditions under German law are effective.
Court place is Bremen.
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