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ISL Management

Prof. Dr. Burkhard Lemper

Scientific Managing Director

Professor for the International Shipping and Chartering programme at Bremen University of Applied Sciences

Burkhard Lemper, born in 1967, studied economics at the University of Münster and has been working at the Institute of Shipping Economics and Logistics since 1993. In 1996 he received his doctorate from the University of Bremen, his work was awarded the Carl Pirath Prize of the DVWG (German Association of Transport Science). In 2008, he was appointed professor at the University of Applied Sciences Bremen and teaches, among other things, the fundamentals of the maritime economy and the shipping markets in the international study programme Shipping and Chartering. Burkhard Lemper was appointed scientific managing director of ISL in July 2009.

Burkhard Lemper's research and consulting activities focus, for instance, on market analyses and forecasts in the areas of shipping, ports with their hinterland, shipbuilding and intermodal transport, as well as transport planning and modelling at regional, national and international level for land and sea transport.

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Location: Bremen
Tel.: +49 421 22096-63

Prof. Dr. Frank Arendt

Scientific Managing Director

Professor in the Integrated Safety and Security Management (ISSM) degree programme at Bremerhaven University of Applied Sciences

Frank Arendt, born 1960, studied mathematics at the University of Bremen and has been working at the Institute of Shipping Economics and Logistics since his degree in 1985. He became a member of the Institute´s management board following his doctoral degree in 2002. In October 2009, he was appointed professor as part of a cooperative professorship between the University of Applied Sciences Bremerhaven and ISL. He currently teaches the subjects "Vulnerability of logistical processes and facilities" and "Vulnerability of information technology processes and facilities" in the ISSM (Integrated Safety and Security Management) Master's programme. 

Core aspects of his project work are the digitalisation of business processes in maritime logistics, with the purpose of raising efficiency and security throughout the transport chain as well as reducing emissions.

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Location: Bremen

Tel.: +49 421 22096-17

Location: Bremerhaven

Tel.: +49 471 309838-17

Christoffer Dehne

Administrative Managing Director

Christoffer Dehne, born in 1977, studied economics at the University of Bremen majoring in accounting and international economic relations. Christoffer Dehne held various positions at the 4S Holding GmbH from 2007 to 2013. Most recently, he was an authorised signatory at Breitband Innovationen Nord. Since September 2020, he has been commercial director at the Institute of Shipping Economics and Logistics.

The focus of his work at ISL is the management of accounting, controlling, human resources and general organisation. 


Location: Bremen
Tel.: +49 421 22096-56