ISL Shipping Statistics and Market Review (SSMR)

Our Shipping Statistics and Market Reviews (SSMR) examine current developments in various segments of the maritime industry. The nine annual issues provide comprehensive coverage of several market segments and aspects of shipping. Each issue is available individually:

  • Issue 1: World Merchant Fleet
  • Issue 2: World Tanker Market
  • Issue 3: World Bulk Carrier Market
  • Issue 4: World Container Shipping
  • Issue 5: World General Cargo and Ro-Ro Shipping
  • Issue 6: World Passenger and Cruise Shipping
  • Issue 7: World Shipbuilding and Shipbuilders
  • Issue 8: Major Shipping Nations
  • Issue 9: World Seaborne Trade and World Port Traffic


Each issue is divided into three parts:

Market Review

Contains short reports on major demand and supply indicators in the fields of shipping and shipbuilding on a monthly or quarterly basis. These include: economic indicators, world fleet development, freight and charter markets, transport prices and costs, global shipbuilding activity as well as global port handling. We distinguish between 31 different indicators that capture relevant market developments on a monthly and quarterly basis.


Contains extensive data regarding the main topic of the issue in tables and graphs.

Market Commentary

Contains a current analysis conducted by our shipping experts on the developments in several sub-areas under the main topic of the issue.