ISL Shipping Statistics Yearbook (SSYB)

Our yearbook is internationally recognised as the leading reference work for statistical information in the maritime sector. It meets the information needs of various industries, including shipping companies, shipyards, port operators, brokers, banks, consultancies and research institutions. The Yearbook provides a comprehensive collection of data on maritime transport and related economic sectors and also serves as a valuable tool for market analysis. It is based on a combination of ISL's own extensive databases and a variety of external data sources.

Paul Tourret

Directeur, Institut Supérieur d'Economie Maritime (ISEMAR)
The research and publication work of ISEMAR - observatory of the maritime economy with nation-wide importance in France - is inconceivable without the indispensable ISL Yearbook.

The main topics of the yearbook include:

Shipping Markets

  • Detailed analyses of the world merchant fleet
  • Data on global seaborne trade and relevant information on the development of world trade
  •  Detailed overviews of individual groups of goods traded worldwide
  • Data series on the development of freight rates
  • Individual profiles of selected shipping nations



  • Analysis of the world shipbuilding market
  • Information on the current situation of major shipbuilding countries
  • Market analysis according to ship types


Ports and Sea Canals

  • Data on shipping and goods traffic of the world's most important seaports including data on container traffic
  • Transit traffic volume on the world's major ship canals
Dr. Sönke Maatsch