Digital Innovations

Digitalisation, ArtificialIntelligence, IoTand Blockchain

The innovative design of tomorrow┬┤s maritime logistics is driven by ISL with the use of the latest digital technologies and methods In addition to practical support for research and industrial projects, this also includes active knowledge transfer

Fields ofactivity

ISL combines existing and generates new knowledge regarding relevant topics in digitalisation such as AI, ML, IoT or blockchain and makes it available for innovative projects

  • Identification of new relevant technologies trends and developments 
  • Evaluation and subsequent communication of results to projects clients and related competence areas


The competence area condenses topics and technologies which have previously been used in projects (in regards to the other competence areas of ISL).

  • In addition to knowledge transfer, ISL also offers practical support for innovative research and industrial projects 
  • Examples include a demonstrator used for shore power billing in inland waterways using IoT technologies, the development of independent communication networks for collecting sensor data, or the AI supported prognosis of cargo availability in seaports
ISL Landstrom Demonstrator