ISL participates in the new OCEANIDS project to strengthen the resilience of coastal regions

As part of the OCEANIDS project, tools and applications are being developed that provide coastal regions with important information and thus strengthen their resilience. These tools and applications are being developed in cooperation with several pilot regions. The focus is on providing information on climate, meteorology and earth observation to promote a resilient and inclusive blue economy.

The central concept is to collect, harmonize and bundle existing climate data services in order to make data accessible, reusable and interoperable for the development of local adaptation strategies. Relevant information (including climatic, socio-economic and demographic data), services and tools will be adapted to the requirements of the pilot regions.

OCEANIDS is working with several pilot regions across Europe to identify user requirements and demonstrate the tools developed. ISL will analyze the user requirements of maritime logistics in the pilot region of Bremen and surrounding areas through interviews with appropriate stakeholders. In addition, ISL will support the validation of the developed tools.

Project objective:

  • Development of tools to increase resilience: Tools and applications for coastal regions to promote a resilient blue economy are being developed.
  • Harmonisation of climate data services: Existing climate data services will be bundled to make data accessible and interoperable for local adaptation strategies.
  • User requirements and validation: User requirements are identified and tools validated in cooperation with pilot regions, e.g. by ISL in the pilot region of Bremen.

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