Out now: Shipping Statistics Yearbook 2023

The ISL Shipping Statistics Yearbook (SSYB) is recognized worldwide as a reference for maritime sector data and statistics. Developed by ISL’s shipping experts, it provides a comprehensive overview of global maritime markets. It is organised in three parts:


Shipping Market

  • In-depth analyses of the world merchant fleet
  • Data on world seaborne trade and relevant information on the development of world trade
  • Detailed overviews of about 30 world commodity markets
  • Time series tracing the development of freight rates
  • Individual profiles on selected shipping nations



  • Analysis of the world shipbuilding market
  • Information on the current situation of major shipbuilding countries
  • Market analysis according to ship types


Ports and Sea Canals

  • Statistical surveys on ship and goods traffic in selected ports worldwide with a special focus on container traffic
  • Transit traffic volume on the world's major ship canals


The latest edition of the Yearbook builds on the previous editions so time series can be extended. Datasets from ISL’s Port Database included in the Yearbook are available as an Excel file at an extra charge.

More information on the Yearbook is available in our webshop.