Federal Government Coordinator for Maritime Economy and Tourism visits ISL

Last week, Dieter Janecek, the Federal Government's Coordinator for Maritime Economy and Tourism, paid a visit to the Institute of Shipping Economics and Logistics. The scientific management, consisting of Burkhard Lemper and Frank Arendt, as well as the head of the Maritime Markets competence area,  Sönke Maatsch, and the head of the ISL Maritime Hydrogen research group, Nils Meyer-Larsen, received Mr Janecek.

The meeting focussed on groundbreaking topics that will have a significant impact on the maritime industry. The discussion centred on ISL studies on the economic importance of the maritime industry, with a particular focus on forward-looking topics such as the hydrogen economy. The role of the maritime industries in relation to the resilience of maritime transport chains, especially seaports, as well as the aspects of smart ports and digitalisation were also discussed.

Dieter Janecek's visit emphasises the importance of cooperation between politics and scientific institutions in order to develop innovative solutions for the challenges facing the maritime industry.

Dr. Nils Meyer-Larsen