New EU project "OVERHEAT" launched to prevent and combat fires on container ships

Container ships play a crucial role in world trade, transporting around 90% of globally traded goods by volume and value. Despite their importance, modern container ships have often been built according to outdated design principles without paying sufficient attention to potential safety and environmental implications. Cargo fires pose a significant threat to ships, including ferries with trucks carrying containers. These fires can result in human and cargo losses and can also impact coastal zones and marine protected areas.

The maritime transport industry therefore faces the key challenge of fighting and preventing fires on container ships. In view of the central role of maritime transport in global trade, the EU-funded research project "OVERHEAT- INNOVATIVE STRATEGIES FOR CONTAINERSHIP FIRES PREVENTION AND MANAGEMENT" was launched to promote with modern technologies the prevention and management of fires on container ships.

A wide range of stakeholders, including shipping companies, port administrations, public authorities, policy makers, business organisations and academic participants will be brought together in the project. Its main objective is to promote knowledge and technologies to prevent and manage fires on container ships.

The "OVERHEAT" project will focus on the development of a digital solution (DS) that provides a comprehensive overview of the situation on board and around the ship. By integrating Internet of Things (IoT) sensors and Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS), a system for fire prevention, early detection and rapid response will be established.

The Institute of Shipping Economics and Logistics (ISL) is part of the consortium and will focus on analysing existing prevention systems and measures, the requirement profiles of the various parties involved in combating and preventing fire on container ships and on reviewing the project results.

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Dr. Holger Kramer

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